Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Governance Reforms Imminent

Governance reforms are imperative in quite a few areas:  First Agriculture: Sustained technology interventions with amendment to the APMC Act that should provide for the farmers to have direct market access in the place of brokers and politicians do not brook delay. 
Second, Education - right from primary to technical and higher education should all come under one umbrella and one Ministry. Institutional reforms hold the key. Budgetary allocations appropriate to the task would be also extremely important. manufacturing sector: 
Ease of doing business is getting attention that is due, no doubt. The Land laws are a soaring point. This has to be addressed with a sense of proportion. In the services sector, finance and insurance sectors need a thorough review. 
Responsible and responsive public sector in these two sectors require good governance code and effective monitoring. Capital refurbishment has to be dome with accountability. Computer centrality should move to customer centrality. 
Judiciary reforms should precede many if the endemic corruption has to be rectified. We have unfortunately inherited delayed investigation and procrastinated action. It is necessary that a Committee of eminent jurists and the police is set up to suggest a system of speedy investigation into a variety of crimes that include the cyber crime as well and exemplary punishments for breach of law and order. More of governance reforms and sectoral issues can be read in the author's forthcoming publication 'India's Growth Resurgence - Sectoral Issues and Governance Risks' co-authored with M. Sitarama Murthy, and Singala Subbaiah.