Friday, November 27, 2015

SpiceJet becomes SourJet

A Travelogue

Jetting off to Tirupati ?
‘Air India’ – Not liking to be in the air
Feels homely on the land;
‘SpiceJet’ – ‘seating’ – sorry;
Mistakenly spelt – ‘cheating’;
‘Checking in’ – you are checked out;
Baggage – gaming in numbers;
‘Free meal’ – Damn it you paid for it;
‘Bag out first’ – Pay up first;
‘Enjoy extra leg space’; keep your legs short;
Long legs? Choose the first two rows;
Just it costs you only five hundred bucks!!
‘Smiles’ Miles apart for, they are spicy;
Crew, Arrogance is their virtue;
‘Convenience’ – a dream;
‘Comfort’ – whose is it any way?
Merry ride? Nay, a dreary ride;
SpiceJet  joining the Sourjet league!
Any way the stocks are fully subscribed.

 * SG 1042 27.11.2015 - Tirupati to Hyderabad