Thursday, March 7, 2013

That is Mother

Yerram Raju (written in 1987 on her 60th birth day)
Thoughts of Mother lovely
Her acts affection in bounty
The recall makes me
Travel in thrills
Wonder how she made life
So sweat for all of use
Notwithstanding all the odds
She had to face
Well, that is Mother.

My boyhood friends surprisingly
Swamp on our house
Not because they love me
But my Mother's choicest recipes
Deliciously served for them
All of them recall their juicy taste
Yearning to reach after
Three decades again
Well, that is Mother.

My dad would invariably
Look angry - the anger
Of impatience for results from
His wards -
The anger of a tiresome and
Exacting Bank job in pre-seventies
The anger of affection
All the anger off-loaded
Day after day on the
Most indulgent lady
She absorbs and distributes
All smiles and love
Well, that is Mother.

A thoughtful prayer — her wont
An erudite Religious scholar
Unto herself the treasures
Of knowledge bequeath
Emits light in thoughts
Showers wisdom in words
Affection in Action
Who else can do it
Well, that is Mother.

Taught humility and forbearance
To twelve of her children
And the other twelve that joined their lives
To make life sweet and welcoming
Life is great and lovely
What else can it be with
She ruling the destiny of all of us
Well, that's Mother.

If patience is a vice, she has it in abundance
If love is a crime, she commits every minute
If prayer is bad, she does it every moment
If talking sweet is intolerable
We have to bear it
If service to neighbours is unsocial,
She is highly indulging
Seeing God all around her is of least of privileges,
She enjoys it
Who else can I think of
Well, That is my Mother.