Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mussoorie Musings

Mussoorie Musings
B. Yerram Raju *

Life in Mussoorie
Neither a roaring river
Nor a Passive Stream
A thundering Cloud – No!
A musing mountain, yes;
Beauty and joy hug each other
On the streets of Kulri
Where the thick clouds
Fight for space in between.
Not a place where love
Yearns  for life.

The Early dawn in summer
Brings the Sunshine bright
Soon tamed by running clouds
Fear of their burst pulls
The umbrellas on to the streets
Only to feel  shy to open.
Again and again thick clouds
Find friends in lovely couples –
A misty cover;
For they know not the man yonder does see them.
Really great the nature’s beauty
On the Hills of Mussoorie .

Moon in Mussoorie dances in joy
With the Stars and galaxy
Turning bright and running fast
As the clouds give way to a lovely sight
The dreaded darkness retreats
The full moon of Mussoorie oft
Wins the race with the Sun.
Really great the nature’s beauty
On the Hills of Mussoorie.

Kempty waters fall – down the chilly Hills
The roaring laughter
And the hissing kisses
Hide in bashful pebbles even
Steep stairs knew not how to stare
Fear of strain afraid
Drips my feet –
To jump in joy in the falls of Kempty.
A place where the chill
Doesn’t pass through the spine
But makes you shrill.
Really great the Nature’s
Beauty on the Hills of Mussoorie.

Sages and saints fight for space
Where youth and beauty drive past
Enchanting mountains of Mussoorie
Merry  you most.
Clouds strong and waters heavy
Keeps you walking long.
Gentle breeze of summer soon
Turn into cold wind of monsoon.

The Chill breaks the closed walls
Warmers went shy.
Eyelids waylay veiled threat
Dreams trimmed
Fantasies rise high,
Romance zooms where
No lens can hide
Dancing trees lush green

The white clouds in shades of green
Make merry with Nature
The sickness – the nausea-
The pitiless pain – have ceased
The love for living emboldened.
Nature of Mussoorie
Tenderly kissed me,
Fondly caressed.
Drops of rain make me run.
But the beauty of upstream
And downstream leave with me
Irresistible charm
To visit her again and again

For undauntedly drenching in rain.
Enchanting mountains merry you most.
A lovely Mussoorie hugs you bare.

*Memoir of my stay at LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie in 1990,1991 as Professor and Faculty Coordinator, Economics.